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My name Justi.
I like HelloKitty
and Bunnies.
  • Listening to: Little Fat Man Boy
  • Playing: HeartGold
I decided to play my Heart Gold pokémon game over again! Unfortunately I have 3 pokémon games and all of my good one's were stored on HG, and I'm talking hundreds. So it took about 4 hours to transfer most of them over. I'm glad I have two forms of the DS so I didn't have to borrow someone else's to transfer!
I did the challenge of trying to get a shiny starter pokémon, which seems damn near impossible, but how lucky am I, on my 153rd try, I got a shiny chikorita! How lucky am I!?

But I'm starting to draw traditionally more and more again. I have stuff that I'd really like to scan, but I have a new scanner that I need to set up because I'm really lazy. Maybe if people started asking me to draw stuff I'd suck it up and get it together. I'm not asking for commissions, just requests and maybe art trades. *hint*

I'm drawing these short comics of a group of girls(well, women,) who have very odd conversations. I'll probably start a mini-series of them and put the scans up here.

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